How to use

A few practical tips


koriscenje-sauneBefore entering the sauna you have to undress. You can start your sauna session with a dry or wet skin.If you are not using your own sauna, pay special attention to personal hygiene: when sitting, use your own towel, and before going to the sauna take a shower. Not only for hygiene reasons, clean and dry skin starts sweating earlier.


Pay special attention to the cabin’s ventilation. Prime precondition for a pleasant rest and relaxation in the sauna is that the oxygen concentration level is high enough. Lack of it is a sign of bad air circulation inside the cabin and you should press the start ventilation button to insert fresh air.


Frequently asked question regarding proper use of the sauna is the ideal temperature height.The sauna should be around 167°F – 194°F (75°C – 90°C) warm. After a couple of minutes you can start puring water over the hot stones because this way increases the percentage of moisture and ions in the air, which actually has the lenitive influence on human nervous system. Also remember that a sauna is not a steaming room and therefore it should not be that humid.


When using the sauna, do not rush and take your time. Stay as long as you feel fine, but usually a sauna visit takes about 10-15 minutes, which can be repeated 2-3 times. Drink plenty of water before going to the sauna to avoid dehydration and overheating. Between two stays in the cabin you must refresh your body with the cold shower. The last shower should be with hot water to avoid the narrowing of the pores in the skin causing an unpleasant subsequent sweat. After taking a shower, dry and dress up carefully.


What you need to know about sauna


  • Sauna is recommended only to healthy people who do not have heart problems
  • Before using the sauna you must consult your cardiologist
  • Use the sauna if you want to maintain your physical and mental fitness in a natural way
  • The sauna conduces to the relaxation of muscles and have beneficial impact on psycho-physical body condition
  • Sauna in a natural way to remove skin impurities
  • Sauna contributes to the skin regeneration
  • Sauna generates an increased resistance to diseases, especially to acute respiratory diseases
  • Sauna trains the heart and stabilize blood pressure
  • Sauna stimulates your hormone system and improves the functioning of the vegetative nervous system