Sauna Accessories


Standard Equipment:

Wooden bucket

Wooden ladle

Thermometer – Hygrometer



Benches and backrests – appropriate number for a given size of the sauna


Volcanic rocks – 20kg

Heater Shield

As a gift, you’ll get 3 essential oils of your choice!

In addition to standard offer accessories for saunas we offer:

Essential Oils 100 ml: Pine, Eucalyptus, Finn special, Winter dream, Mint, Lemon, Orange, Lavender, Green Apple, Mediterranean

Ceramic Aromatic Dispenser is a small bowl that suspends above the heater with a chain to increment the quantity of steam in the sauna and aromatherapy. Pour some water in it and mix it with any sauna aroma.

Sauna Humidifier is a steel tube that goes right between the heater elements. Fill it with water and it will add moisture to the room to provide a very soft and pleasant bathing atmosphere.

Box with lock for external command that is mounted on the wall of the sauna

Exterior lighting (mask) with combination od wood and halogen bulbs

Lighting “White starry sky” with 155 LEDs

Larger LEDs for decoration and pleasant atmosphere in sauna


Speakers 2×90 W, water and temperature resistant speakers with watertight front enclosures.