How to Use

koriscenje-infra-sauneInfrasauna operation is relying primarily on gravity to effect air circulation, resulting in permanent compensation of oxygen and removal of used air. From our side, the recommended time of infrared radiation sessions at temperatures of 40-60 ° C is about 30-40 minutes. In the interest of keeping your personal hygiene and infrasauna cleanliness, we recommend the use of textiles for seats. This will protect the internal equipment from premature soiling, stains, caused by toxins that are released from the skin and sweat.


Therefore, we recommend the use of textiles in all those areas where your body is in contact with the internal equipment.


When choosing fabrics, avoid bleeding fabrics, as well as synthetic and waterproof materials. Afterward your infrasauna session, turn off heat radiator elements and ventilate the sauna and a room where placed.


Remove the cab requisites at the end of session and close the door. Residual heat will ensure the drying of all surfaces inside the sauna.


Infrasauna is used at your own risk!


Before using the infrasauna consult your doctor about whether you have any health restrictions for its use. Take the rest for about 15-30 minutes to get rid of physical and psychological tension because your body have to be on the maximum of the resistance to the influence of heat. It is recommended to take your infra bath 1 – 2 hours after your meal, in order to avoid the possibility of sudden changes in blood sugar levels.


Before going to the infrasauna take a shower. Not only for hygiene reasons, clean and dry skin starts sweating earlier.


Warm-up time for infrasauna is, unlike a sauna, only 7-10 minutes!


Warm-up means a warming of the air inside the sauna, but the time until infra radiators reach their operating temperature. It heats the tissues several inches deep, enhancing metabolic processes.


Infra bath


Sit down comfortably on a bench in the sauna and spend 30-40 minutes in one cycle. One session is enough, but duration gradually can be increased in later sessions at 45-60 minutes. After leaving infrasauna spend a short time on fresh air, to make your body come to the air rich with oxygen. But allow your body to cool down a little. Immediate switching to cold environment can be a shock.


Upon infra bath completion loss of fluid in the body can compensated with a natural refreshing drinks.


What is not recommended:


  • taking infra bath if you are extremely tired, have an illness, recovering from one or are in bad physical and mental conditions
  • entry into infrasauna with wet skin
  • taking fitness and physical exercise in the sauna
  • removal of sweat from the skin with a brush or rough glove
  • showering or bathing in cold water after infra bath
  • swimming pools with warm and hot water (swimming pools, jacuzzi)
  • exercise, swimming, performing other exercises of fitness


The importance of infrared radiation:


  • A natural way to care of the body and soul.
  • Pain reliever for minor injuries and muscle tissue.
  • Effective protection of cellulite.
  • Removes ballast and toxic substances from the body.
  • Excellent to deal with stress and fatigue.
  • Improves circulation.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Stabilize blood pressure.
  • It alleviates symptoms of menopause.
  • Heating of the muscles fibers with infrared saunas reduces muscle pain & joint stiffness
  • The infrared sauna skin care effects are amazing
  • Provides a passive body warming before exercise.