Finnish sauna

finske-saune-1We make standard sizes FINNISH SAUNA and size could be also set according to your wishes with built-in electric sauna heaters for dry and steam sauna.


We use top quality materials imported from Finland, designed specifically to build a sauna.


These are:


  • Finnish fir
  • White pine
  • Abachi
  • Canadian Cedar
  • White birch and
  • Hemlock


For sauna you can always find a corner or a free space in your apartment or house:


  • by the pool
  • in the attic
  • in the bathroom
  • on the terrace
  • in the basement


Only sauna built by qualified experts can give you flawless enjoyment of your dreams.


We produce:


Assembly-disassembling saunasfinske-saune-2


Assembly-disassembling saunas include:


  • Sauna is completely manufactured in the workshop
  • We built assembly and disassembly sandwich walls, which can be installed for a few hours, in a room intended for a sauna. The advantage of the sauna: If the need arises, can be moved to another location.


Built saunas


It is necessary:


  • Prepare the room from solid material, certain dimensions (inevstitor must provide this).
  • Install a ventilation opening, as well as electrical installation, to a certain place, in agreement with the contractor (inevstitor must provide this).
  • Contractor built a sauna on site.
  • The interior walls are clad with materials used to build the sauna.